Creating Safety and Resilience

Commitment to Care, Respect, and Trust embodied in our Ethics process


SGC encourages our community members to take responsibility for clearly communicating their needs and boundaries. If anything ever does not feel right we encourage you to address it in the moment or ask a SGC staff or facilitator for help. Please refer to SGC's Creating Safety Framework for information on how to resolve problems at SGC.

If something feels significantly harmful or if you need help resolving it, please consider making a report to SGC's Ethics Council. Please read about our Reconciliation Framework for more information about what happens when you make a report. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to [email protected]

Also note that this community is a member of the Sacred Plant Alliance (SPA), a self-regulating association of churches that is dedicated to accountability and transparency in spiritual work. When ethical concerns or adverse experiences occur, SPA strongly recommends first attempting to resolve the matter with the resources available within your community. However, if you feel the need to report a serious problem that you have been unable to resolve, or wish to seek help from outside the community to resolve a challenging situation, you may make a report of an ethical violation or serious adverse event to SPA with this email: [email protected]