Your Contribution is Our Light

We ask Members to contribute to SGC on an ongoing basis. 

We are also are committed to facilitating ceremony for all, regardless of economic status.


Members contribute to SGC on an ongoing basis by tithing (if you are already tithing and would like to make an additional one time donation please click here).

If you would like to contribute a different monthly amount than those below, please let us know what would work for you.

      Custom Tithe Amount Request

Sacred Garden Community is committed to supporting everyone who seeks divine presence.

If none of the above monthly tithe amounts feel right for you, please let us know what you can afford, or request a full scholarship and we will make it so. 

BIPOC Scholarship Fund


Have you benefited from a connection to the Divine through the Sacred Garden Community? Has SGC impacted your life in a positive way? If so, we could use your support. The Sacred Garden Community is committed to supporting everyone who seeks divine presence, all of our monthly activities and ceremonies are offered on a sliding scale, so all have access. It is our greatest wish that economic barriers do not stand in the way of being a part of our community. We support members who face economic hardship with all of the standard benefits and privileges of membership. 

We are currently seeking support to offset the cost of our scholarship program. Your help will sustain training and management of our ministry and staff, practitioner instruction and training, and ensure the sustainability of core church operations, cover membership and ceremonies for marginalized individuals who do not have the means for membership.
Help honor our commitment to facilitate ceremonies for all, regardless of economic status by donating to our scholarship fund today. No gift is too small. Your contribution helps us move toward actualization as a community.


Want to do more?

 Do you feel called to contribute in ways that aren't listed here? 

If you are comfortable tithing 1-2% of your annual income on a monthly basis, please consider making an additional one-time to our BIPOC Scholarship Fund or our Palliative Care Ministry Fund or to our general fund by clicking the Donate button below.

Additionally if you would like to volunteer with SGC let us know by clicking here

Thank you for you contribution.

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