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A Profound Relationship to Self, Nature & Each Other

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Sacred Garden Community

A Profound Relationship to Self, Nature, & Each Other
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Least dogma

Sacred Garden Community observes a principle of least dogma, which is the minimum belief we need to share to be a cohesive religious community. This is entirety of our shared faith:

We are open to the possibility that respectful practice with the Sacraments of our Church can bring about a direct experience of the Divine, within this lifetime.

Our required practice is grounded within traditional, modern and positive post-modern teachings regarding what we recognize and consecrate as venerated Sacraments. The Sacraments of our church are required and central to the identity and practices of SGC and its members. Recognition of our faith, practice and core values is central to the identity and practices of SGC and its members.

SGC members recognize and consecrate Sacraments as capable of facilitating direct experience of divine presence - as recognized within diverse ancient, indigenous and modern religious, spiritual and wisdom traditions - including ours. We believe that these materials are connected to and capable of helping facilitate connection to sacred Divine presence and that, therefore, these are Sacraments. These Sacraments are absolutely required for our practice, to allow most if not all of the church membership to achieve deepest existential insight and direct experience of and relationship to the Divine, within this lifetime. Without these sacraments most if not all of the church membership will not be able to achieve the soul level revelation and insight required to directly experience the Divine, within this lifetime

SGC members assert with deepest faith that SGC itself is a sacred religious community, freely gathered to engage practices that are traditionally and currently believed to be sacred, to connect its members to Divine experience, to religious and spiritual healing, and to growth in insight


Wheel of Practice

The Fractal Wheel of Practice is our path to direct experience of the Divine

Practitioners of the SCG are committed to engaging formal religious practice as individuals and with community, grounded in SGC founders’ experience with traditional sacred practices and revealed Truth as well as in shared scientific insights into consciousness and direct experience of divinity. Together, our leaders and membership engage spiritually revealing ministry and practice.

‚ÄčThe Wheel represents the fractal experience¬† SGC guides its members along. Each spoke¬†has been informed by generations of practice and heart-centered discussion. It is through these processes that we prepare for, facilitate, experience and integrate direct exposure to Truth as revealed by divine presence, assisted by the¬†careful engaging of our church's sacraments.


Our core values of Care, Respect and Trust guide the way we engage as a community



Compassion and softness; inviting and supporting each other to bring the best parts of ourselves to the community. Embodying the fullest expression of love, the divine, and Truth as they are uniquely and directly experienced and integrated by each community Practitioner.


Honoring each other, the spaces we curate, and the work it takes for us to exist in them. Working within the awareness of humanity’s inalienable connection to and emergence from Nature, while also recognizing the sovereignty of each individual and community within our shared Unity of Nature.


The active belief that, through our work, we will witness, support and hold space, in loving presence, for the absolute entirety of each individual’s process of awakening.


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