Confirmation Process


SGC has many offerings that are open to all, but if you wish to engage in our practices involving sacraments you must become first become a Confirmed Practitioner.

Get to know us


Sign up for our mailing list to receive invitations to events at the Portal Community Center. 

We ask you to attend 8 events over the course of 3 months as a way to build relationships with our community before confirmation

Get Confirmed


Once you have attended 8 events over the course of 3 months, you are welcome to go through our confirmation process.

This involves some health and safety paperwork and a short intake interview.

Begin the Confirmation Process



We ask practitioners to contribute to SGC on an ongoing basis.

We are committed to facilitating ceremony for all, regardless of economic status, so if our practitioner membership level is a burden please don't hesitate to request a scholarship.  

Request a Scholarship


Thank you for reaching out. Sacred Garden Community is committed to supporting everyone who seeks divine presence, independent of your income and ability to pay.

Want to do more?

Do you feel called to contribute in ways that aren't listed here? 

If so, consider donating 1-2% of your annual income on a monthly basis.

Additionally if you would like to volunteer with SGC let us know here

Thank you for you contribution.