$40 monthly

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As a Member you both support and receive the following benefits and services:

Community in Divine Presence (Satsang) every Sunday

  • 1.5 hours weekly, in person monthly
  • Community grounded openings and closings, plant time
  • Sharing of our core “least dogma”, values, ceremonial and practical guidance
  • Practitioner instruction and training intended to support direct experience of divine presence

Members Only Online Content 

  • Plant talks, Philosophy and more

Community Member guidance and resources (other)

  • Access to recorded resources, educational resources (e.g., “Guide to Finding the Right Facilitator”, “Guide to Dietas”, diversity initiatives, etc)
  • Direct support and connection to resources for Navigation, Preparation, Initiation, Practice, Integration, Community Integration

Access to Portal Community Center and Original Sacred Garden

  • Sacred Garden Community’s Friday Social, Garden Days, co-working and more
  • Support for community healing and access to community resources

Book Club

  • Weekly readings and group discussion

Facilitation Trainings, Ordinations, Supervision

  • Supporting “Liturgy” and ceremony development and oversight
  • Helping sustain training and management of ministry for Sacred Garden Community Church
  • Contributing to global leadership in development and application of community-grounded, sacrament / entheogen-assisted religious, spiritual, sacred ceremonies

Ensuring the sustainability core church operations

  • Member onboarding, training and supervision (> 3 staff)
  • Creation of ceremonial liturgies (> 3 staff, including Sr. Pastor, Facilitation Steward, an MD for safety oversight)
  • Legal, insurance, book-keeping, operations and administration
  • Management of / staffing of core church functions (e.g., Ethics Council, Elders Council, Communication, Stewardship, Sacrament Preparation, participation in regulatory oversight via Sacred Plant Alliance membership, etc.)